Strength. Flexibility. Stability. This is the body you've always wanted. Beyond just being toned, more than just fitting into your old jeans, this is the New You, lean, strong, and healthy. The Pilates You!

Long popular with celebrities and now available to everyone, Pilates (pronounced puh-la-teez) is a method of movement and exercise focusing on the body in its entirety, with mind-body-spirit benefits. Based on strengthening the body's core or "powerhouse," Pilates utilizes a series of approximately 500 designed movements performed either on a mat or with specific equipment or both. With the popularity of Pilates increasing, numerous quick Pilates certification programs have been created, straying from the original philosophy and movement method.

Traditional. Authentic. The Pilates Loft of Newnan offers Traditional Authentic Pilates in a fully equipped studio. The movements are taught with the original teachings of Joseph Pilates in mind. The client's safety is always our priority, and movements may be modified or enhanced as appropriate for each individual. Our client's goals and physical well-being come first. Pilates mat classes are offered for all levels or a customized program can be designed for your group. Our group mat classes are scheduled daily, in the morning and evening and on Saturday for the convenience of our clients.

The Pilates Loft is the only studio south of Atlanta offering GYROKINESIS. This movement form is the perfect complement to Pilates.

This spiraling form of movement frees the joints, opens the spine and, like Pilates, focuses on the body in its entirety. The system works the entire body through six natural elements of spinal movement as well as circular movement of the body.

Conveniently located in the Newnan Lofts Apartments near Downtown Newnan, The Pilates Loft of Newnan serves all of Newnan and Coweta County and is also convenient to Serenbe, Peachtree City, Fayetteville, and LaGrange.

Visit The Pilates Loft of Newnan, and discover why Every Body is Defined.